Stars plugin for html5


So I was reading through the documentation and it talks about a ‘starsPlugin’.
I found it for some of my flash players but was not able to find it on the html5 side.

They are listed here as ‘core plugins’ for html5 and flash.

I am also interesting in the voting plugin but it is not on the ‘core list’ so I suspect it is part of the pay-for suite.

The server was installed using the CE 10.1 RPMs.

Any pro-tips would be greatly appreciated.




The ‘stars’ mechanism is deprecated. Please use the ‘like’ one.

How do I enable the “like” mechanism. I’m not seeing it–though, suspect its hiding in plain sight.


Hi Adam,

Like can be used from API by calling the ‘like’ service.
However, keep in mind it requires the user to be logged in a session, i.e: have a KS.

Oh, cool there it is: api, assets and all.
I guess I’ll have to play now.


On another note, the JS and image assets suggest it is integrated with the player?
Is there something in the studio or XML to make it get a ks and show up or is this all going to be outside of the player (custom code)?