Staff video's on wordpress

Hi, I am not sure if Kaltura can do what I want.
I will have a website that has staff profiles for clients to view. I would like the staff to be able to create a 1 minute video about them that sits on their profile for clients to watch. The video would be created during their registration process and would need approval before it is live (Just in case of inappropriate material)

Can Kaltura do this? How difficult would it be for staff to do (some are not very tech savvy). What would I need to look out for in implementing this?

Any insight and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi @junelle_rhodes,

When you say you’d like your staff members to be able to create videos, do you mean you want them to record themselves using a webcam or upload pre-existing files?
Either way, Kaltura is capable of doing both. If you do not have a need for web cam recording, feel free to skip the next paragraph:

The current WP plugin only has an integration with a Flash widget [called KCW - Kaltura Contribution Wizard] for webcam recording and this will soon be declared as obsolete as we are moving away from Flash and thus its use is not recommended.
You are very welcome to extend the current WP plugin to support Flashless webcam recording, and you can use this repo as a starting point:

As for content moderation, this is supported and you can read about it here:

HI, Yes I want them to be able to record themselves, it gets sent to us to review and then post on their profiles. I really need someone who can do this for us on our wordpress site.