Some real noob questions.. multicast to your player. Sorry :-)


My problem. I a digital tv receiver (Silicon Dust) that I want to multicast throught the school network.

The digital receiver can produce a MPEG2 rtp stream via multicast through our network and it works fairly well. I can receive and play the stream in VLC.

The problem…

Sadly… windows media player has multicast disabled by the the head office ???

I do not really want to install VLC on some 100s of computers (just for the plug in) and was hoping to get a pure web based solution, via your player ?

My understanding is that I “should” be able receive a rtp network stream from the receiver, transcode it and then then multicast it to the Kaltura web player.

To this end I am trying to install the CE on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 machine. FWIW… 16.04 installs break complaining about php versions…

We also run moodle… and I looked at that … but it seems to want to use your server ? And is not really suited for this situaltion . or is it ?

Am I heading in the right direction… and can you point me in the right direction ?

Would welcome any suggestions.


Hi Peter,

For Ubuntu 16.04, please see my post here:

The officially supported Ubuntu version for CE is still 14.04 but I’ve already created a repo for 16.04 a while back.
I’d love for you to try it and report any issues you find. It will become the stable version in the near future so it is very important for us to get as much feedback on it as possible.


Had probs with 14.04… so will try restart and try on 16.04… and get back to you…

Any thoughts on the rest of the silly questions ?