[SOLVED] DoubleClick plugin not working


Since Apr,5 we noticed that no ads (pre and postrolls) were shown in our videos. After a hard debugging work we found out that something must have changed in the code of the ima sdk and made the fix in the doubleClick plugin.

Instead of creating the adReques object empty we use the constructor. This is the file we have changed


In line 931: change:
var adsRequest = {};
var adsRequest = new google.ima.AdsRequest();

Raúl Hijosa

Hi @raul_hijosa_nieto,

Thank you for your report. I will forward it to the player’s development team.
It would be best if you could submit a pull request with a fix to the original:

If you could also elaborate as to the exact error you got, it would also be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Thank you @raul_hijosa_nieto.
Issue has been identified a couple of hours after IMA released their fix and it has been patched across all hosted versions.
The issue began with after IMA released v3.205.0: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/sdks/html5/v3/history

You analysis was correct, see fix here: https://github.com/kaltura/mwEmbed/commit/31138a55db362eaf7209c6e17629346fd74c59dd

If you are a user of the library, and are using it directly please use 2.69 which will be released next week.