Social Sharing Twitter , Google+ and Facebook Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have installed lastest kaltura . It is working fine. But I have two issues when I shared the video on social sites.

  1. I have added my logo in the player. When I share a video using share widget of player in facebook , twitter and google+.
    url :

    a) It worked fine in facebook . It shows player in facebook and video is running fine.
    b) On google+ , it shows image only and when we click on it, it render to new page serve from my kaltura and it is blank.
    c) In twitter , it only shows the link , and on clicking on it , it open a new tab serve from my kaltura and it is blank.

2 . When I share the url from preview and embed page of video ( link given to play video on separate page)
url :
I experiencing the issue as follow
in twitter - it showing it as link , but on redirecting to new tab , it is playing the video
in google+ - it is showing the image , but on redirecting to new tab , it is playing the video.

I want to play the video within twitter and google+ without redirecting as it is playing in the case of facebook.



Getting HTTP 404 on
can you please fix?


I am using this url to share on twitter

On twitter it is not detecting it as video. I am trying twitter plugin for sharing on social media.

Where as I have found similar url working fine for other user. For example

I am not sure , what wrong I am doing. I have followed following documentation

Sorry , I am stupid. I haven’t whitelisted my domain on twitter for twitter card

Hello @abhimanyu_singh, I am using player v2.38 and I’m unable to embed the video player in facebook. Do I need to do something with facebook to allow the player to be embedded? Please advise. Thank you