Slides don't change in video

I’ve put 2 slides on timeline on different moments:

Slide 1 on 10 sec
slide 2 on 20 sec.

Slide 1 is not shown in video at all and slide 2 is shown from beginning of the video!

What can I do wrong causing this?

Kind Regards,


More info is needed:

  • How did you add the cue points for the slides? did you use the API directly or MediaSpace?
  • if via API, please provide the code you used
  • Are you working against our SaaS or a self hosted ENV?
  • if SaaS, what is the entry ID? I can check the added cue points, which would help
  • What player version are you using?

Hij Jess,
-entry id 0_k5lczhlb
-player version: 2.43

Hi Karel,

Seeing how this is a SaaS account, please contact our customer care so they can handle it for you.


Hi Jess,
I’m quiet new, please how do I contact customer care?
Kind Regards,