Slack API integration into Kaltura dashboard?

I have an interest in utilising the Kaltura CMS in a project I am currently working on. I have a couple of areas that I would like to explore, predominantly integration of third party applications into the CMS. I would like to integrate in particular Slack and Zendesk. I was wondering if this had been attempted before and if it was successful.

Hello @niall0910,

The Kaltura platform is API centric. Meaning all actions performed by its own web I/Fs are achieved by making RESTful API requests over HTTP[s]. As a result, you can integrate it against any external service you’d like.
To learn more about our API, please see

If you have specific questions about how to use a given API, feel free to post them, of course.

Thats great info, are you aware of any previous attempt to integrate Slack within the Kaltura CMS?

Not that I’m aware, I’m afraid. Although there are plenty integrations with CMSes and LMSes, including several we maintain ourselves. To name just a few: WordPress, Moodle and Blackboard.