Simulive and Scheduling in CE

Hi Kalturians, we’re not only offering VoD to our users, but also so called FAST channels where we generate a scheduled, TV like experience from VoD entries similar to We manage our content in Kaltura CE and we have a separate application for creating playlists and schedules, plus conversion to HLS live, ad insertion. But it’s a complicated setup and duplicates many features we already have in Kaltura. I was wondering if we can replace much of it’s functionality with Kaltura API and services.

  • Scheduling: the scheduling plugin seems to offer all functionality to put events on a schedule, including recurring. An event for us is a VoD entry or a playlist with a starttime and a duration, and it must be associated with a category (which serves as channel)
  • Converting VoD entries and playlists into linear “livestreams” - isn’t this exactly what Simulive does?
  • Simulive setup: I found a document that describes how to set up simulive events using VLC and OBS. Is this only necessary for playlists (as currently $initialClipIndex = 1; // currently as simulive support only 1 video) or is this needed for everything simulive?

I’d be grateful for any feedback so we can decide if it makes sense to investigate further.