Should I change https to http in Default HTTP Delivery Profile?


I have Kaltura server local IP port 80 behind Apache proxy port public IP 443 ( )

What is the Default HTTP Delivery Profile for Kaltura http 80 behind the proxy 443, https or http ?
I appreciate any help. Thanks. Dmitri

select id,name,url,host_name from delivery_profile;
| id | name | url | host_name

| 500 | Default HTTP Delivery Profile | | |
| 501 | Default HTTP Delivery Profile | |

Hi @astrava,

When embedding the player on a page served over HTTPs, you’ll want to set the delivery_profile.url to a HTTPs endpoint as well, otherwise, the browser will block the connection on “mixed content” grounds.

However, while I don’t know the details for your exact setup, is likely wrong as typically that would reach the Apache on the nodes whereas delivery_profile.url should point to your Nginx, where the VOD module ls loaded.

Thank you Jess for your kind reply. We have Drupal interface with video content.