Setting related data content


We’re using the Javascript SDK to set the related data content.
The following function is working just fine on the initial player load:

kdp.kBind("relatedData", function (callback) {

When a new video is loaded inside the player, we’re trying to set new related content using the same method, but it’s not working, we also tried calling the following method with no luck:

kdp.setKDPAttribute("related", "entries", jsonData);

Please advise.

Best regards,

Hi @mmcheimech, I’ve tested the event and can see it get triggered on initial load and also after requesting changeMedia, and able to set different data every time.
Can you maybe share a test page that exhibits the issue you are experiencing.


Oren M.

Hi @oren_melamed, thank you for your reply.
I can confirm that what you mentioned is totally correct. When “changeMedia” notification is sent, the “relatedData” callback gets hit. However, we’re unable to "reset’ the related data without sending a “changeMedia” notification.