Server-side ad insertion


I am looking to implement a server-side ad insertion solution using either Kaltura CE, Kaltura VPaaS, or otherwise.

Does the Community Edition support server side ad insertion? If so – where can i find the docs?

Does the VPaaS edition support server side ad insertion?

It’s strictly for VOD on web/mobile, there will be no live streaming required.

Thanks for the help!


Both Kaltura CE and Kaltura VPaaS are capable of this since they both use the Kaltura HTML5 player which supports VAST for ads, see:

Hi Jess,

These are client-side ads and can be easily blocked by any adblocker. E.g. if adblock plus is enabled, the following video will never play:

Specifically, i’m looking for server-side ad insertion.

Hi @rpeters! I’m also interested in SSAI. Maybe, do you know if Kaltura Server-Side Ad Insertion is available with the CE edition?

thanks in advance for your time! is the kaltura server side ad insertion project.