Running Kaltura in Debian Buster or Bullseye

I have tried following both the deb package install instructions, and the Docker install instructions, and both have failed.

This is on a Debian Buster/Bullseye VM running on Proxmox.

For the deb packages, the GPG keys are invalid, and yes, I have tried the various suggestions suggested in various forums including here, but none worked.

For the Docker method, the container stops running immediately, and it is not possible to run the install script as the container is stopped.

I have noticed that the official Docker container on DoickerHub is at least 3 years old.

Has anyone had any success installing and running Kaltura on Debian Buster/Biullseye? If so how did you get it to work?

IF you’re using a Docker container, which one did you use and how did you set it up (iDocker compose files, setting the Docker container instance to use the underlying mail service on the host machine, how to set the Kaltura instance to use the FQDN of the host machine, etc, etc, etc).

Please note I have a basic knowledge of Docker, but not much knowledge regarding Docker Compose (on the list to learn).

Step by Step instructions would be helpful.

Please note: Our environment is standardised for Debian-based VMs. We have decided to not use CentOS due to RedHat’s recent announcement of their plans to use CentOS as a testing ground for their commercial offerings.