Retrieving Viewer information and date per media entry

Is there any way to use the API to retrieve both the viewer info and date per media entry? I have tried media.list which gives views but isn’t specific enough to give viewer and multiple KalturaReportTypes from report.getTable and getGraphs. I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

Hi @mzhou5 ,

For analytics, you indeed need to utilise the report service. There are many different report types, each with different metrics. Please elaborate as to the data you’re interested in and I’ll provide further guidance as to the report types you should make use of.

I am trying to get the following headers:viewer name or any form of identification, date viewed, and media ID viewed. There is more I can get but those 3 are the important ones. Is there any mix of report types that allow this? There doesn’t seem to be one singular report type that can do this.


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