Restricting Google Analytics Events

We noticed that our bounce rate had plummited once we configured our Kaltura player to send events to Google Analytics because it was sending an event every time the player loaded. I’m trying to figure out how we can narrow down the types of events that are sent. Here’s an example of what’s coming in to Google Analytics:

I’d like to filter out kdpReady and a few others that do not represent an interaction, and only pass those that do such as a play, pause, or percentage complete. Can anyone guide me on how to do this?

Here are my player settings:

Seems that the default events that are reported cannot be overwritten:

I think the ability to edit the default list of events should be considered. I will consult with our product team regarding this issue but for now this can’t be done.

Thank you for passing that along to your product team, I really appreciate it! Another good solution might be to mark some of the events as non-interaction events so that they still push to GA without impacting bounce rate. This would reduce the need to customize.

From Google’s documentation:
In some cases you might want to send an event as a non-interaction event. To do this, specify the nonInteraction field as true in the fieldsObject of the send command:

ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Videos’, ‘play’, ‘Fall Campaign’, {
nonInteraction: true

We will look into that option as well.