Restore Kaltura Database and Content

I need to reinstall my Kaltura server, but I obviously do not want to lose my database or content. What would the procedure be for restoring a kaltura server using the saved databases and content? Thanks for the assistance.


There is a script called /opt/kaltura/bin/ to help you export the DB part.
You’ll need to export all DBs that start with kaltura.*.

The actual assets are all under /opt/kaltura/web/content and the configuration is under /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/
As a general rule, I’d recommend starting a side machine, installing a fresh Kaltura instance, importing the DB and contents and only after making sure it all works, getting rid of the original.

Note also that when copying over files to the new server, it is very important to preserve file permissions as well and that the new and old servers should use the exact same Kaltura version.

In addition, what is the reason for reinstalling? perhaps it can be avoided by taking different steps…