Resource URL that contains a . (period) leads to source filetype to be incorrect


We are uploading mp4 content to Kaltura via the API using KalturaUrlResource via media.addContent. We have noticed that when the URL contains a . (period) it causes the fileExt of the entry’s source to be the four characters to the right of the period and not mp4. I can’t change the URL to not have a period. Is there anyway to force this to appear as mp4?

I’ve tried creating the flavor asset for the source before doing the upload with the correct file extension correct (mp4), and the KalturaUrlResourse seems to overwrite it. Below is an example URL, code snippet of what we are doing, a screenshot of what we see for the source flavor after the upload.

Example URL:

Code Snippet
$resource = new KalturaUrlResource();
$resource->url = $download_url;
$resource->forceAsyncDownload = true;
try {
$ulresult = $client->media->addContent($entryID, $resource);
echo “A video is attached to $entryID.\n”;
catch (Exception $e) {
echo $e->getMessage();

Flavor Asset Entry

Thank you.