report.GetTable USER_ENGAGEMENT date field?


I’m trying to get user engagement data by date, what’s the best way to go about this? Currently I am calling the USER_ENGAGEMENT report (id = 11) using getTable service in the API…but maybe this isn’t the right one for what I am after since the data could be summarized if you choose more than a single day range. I’m pulling down several columns of information, but date doesn’t seem to be one of them. How do I add this to my query or what other call should I be making?


Same question. I cannot find an easy way to know who played a media, on which day and how many times in a single request. The user_engagement report (11) does not include the dateid field. And the the user_engagement_timeline (34) does not have the userid. How can we have both userid and date in the same report ?

The only reliable way that I found is to call for each day the user_engagement report (11).
This, of course, generates a lot more REST APIs calls, so not very performant.