report.getTable API USER_TOP_CONTENT report returning inconsistent results


I have finally found the API we require to download our media usage on a daily basis (see above) but whilst using the console to check the data I have found some puzzling results. I am clearing down and loading all our media entries each day and selecting all those that have a lastPlayedAt date of yesterday than looping round each one and calling the report above with a page size of 500 then looping round multiple pages if they exist.
When I use the console to check each media entry’s usage for that day if I specify a page size of 500 it matches the totalCount I have downloaded through my routine. But if I use a default page size or anything under 250 it returns a different totalCount (this only seems to occur if the totalCount is greater than 500).
Sometimes the count is more sometimes less when I compare the results.

Anyone else encountered this?

As an update on this I have checked against the KMC and I am getting a different count of records again. Also finding duplicates within the data. I would expect if I selected an interval of Days and chose a single video for specific day I would get back a single record for each user with aggregated data.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Danny,

Since the forum is public and answering these particular inquiries mandates that you provide
semi-sensitive data (entry IDs in question, the response you’re getting, which includes specific user IDs,
etc), please send me a private message with all the relevant info, to wit:

  • The full request you’re making via the console, including the exact payload (you can copy the cURL CLI generate code) and the response
  • The full request as KMC makes it (since KMC is a JS application, you can export the full session as a HAR file but please be sure to clear any requests made prior to the relevant report ones to avoid needless confusion and clutter)