Replace JWPlayer with Kaltura player

Currently I have a setup using JWPlayer and would like to try and replace this with Kaltura player. Videos are all transcoded and hosted on AWS S3 and I have a cloudfront CDN in place. I have also experimented with bitmovin player. Changing between these 2 players is really simple in that it is just a different script element in your html and you are done.

Is it possible to do the same with kaltura javascript player? I have not managed to find and example where the player references and externally hosted mpd or m3u8 manifest, it seems I MUST provide an entryId of content that is hosted within kaltura backend.

As an example, could you show me how to embed the kaltura player alone to play ‘’ with watermark, VAST ads etc

Sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question and I am not understanding something fundamental about how kaltura works

Thanks in advance