Removing Entitled Users Via cURL

Hi all,

I’m working with using Kaltura’s API to edit video’s metadata, specifically I am trying to add/remove entitled users to the media. I have successfully been able to add entitled users using this cURL statement:

curl -X POST
-d “entryId=%091_xyfy02bs”
-d “mediaEntry[entitledUsersEdit]=user”
-d “mediaEntry[entitledUsersPublish]=user”
-d “mediaEntry[objectType]=KalturaMediaEntry”

but I do not see anywhere in the VPaaS documentation to delete the specific user that I had just inputted. Anyone have an idea what I can do to accomplish this?

Hi @czehner1,

If you’re working with the content entitlement mechanism, which is also what KMS [Kaltura MediaSpace] is using, please see:

If you’re just trying to remove a user from mediaEntry.entitledUsersEdit and mediaEntry.entitledUsersPublish , this too should be done with a media.update() request.
Otherwise, please be more specific as to what you’re trying to accomplish so I can advise you further.