Recommended Linux Distro For Community Edition


I have been running a standalone NGINX on Ubuntu 20.4 for simple HLS live streams. But, I really like Kaltura’s handling of syndication after trying it out with the free trail. I’m a very small hobbyist so I really wouldn’t have the need to buy one of their hosting plans.

I’ve tried to install the Community Edition on a different machine as I’m fearful I’ll break my current machine trying to get both working together so I wanted to install on another fresh machine. I tried Ubuntu 20.4 / Centos8 / Centos7 to no avail!

I seem to be using incomplete step-by-step guides or I’m confused on the best distro that’s officially supported for Community Edition.

Can someone please tell me what Linux distro is optimal for the latest Kaltura release? Also, a solid step by step install guide would be helpful as well.

I really appreciate it.

In my experience, any distro will do it, as far as you are comfortable with it.
As mentioned in this forum, one issue is related to the dwh analytics module but the rest will work fine.
If you are familiar with RH/Centos, I suggest using Centos 7 instead of 8.
I also posted here how to get around the analytics issue using mariaBD 10.0