Rate Entry API methods - feature forbidden

i’m using cloud kmc.kaltura.com and trying to develop ratings but i getting this response:
FEATURE_FORBIDDEN: The usage of feature [rating] is forbidden

Problem occurring in all rating methods.
What does it mean? This is disabled for free users or deprecated?

Hello @pmaslak,

Certain API services are disabled by default. To enable it, please reach out to your Kaltura account manager.


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Hi @pmaslak. We have enabled the rating feature for you. Of course add any questions you have to this thread.


Thank You guys,
I have next question Is this possible to create MRSS for specified content uploader? Or just using category using this: https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/service/syndicationFeed/action/add

Hello @pmaslak,

Please see https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/how-to-create-custom-mrss-using-the-flexible-feed-xslt

Thank you,
also i’m digging but i’m unable find option to diable email notifications other way than using MediaSpace, is this possible only via MediaSpace? Or maybe there is some option to set in opt/kaltura/app/configurations/local.ini ?

Hello @pmaslak,

You can use the eventnotificationtemplate.list() API to list all event notification objects configured for your partner.
If you only want the email notifications, use:

  $filter = new KalturaEventNotificationTemplateFilter();
  $filter->typeEqual = KalturaEventNotificationTemplateType::EMAIL;

(The above is for the PHP client, you can generate the corresponding code for all supported clients here https://developer.kaltura.com/console/service/eventNotificationTemplate/action/list)

You can then delete objects with eventnotificationtemplate.delete()

Or you can disable them with:
eventnotificationtemplate.updateStatus() setting the status to 1 (DISABLED)

Guys i have next question, how are connected:
$ratingPlugin = RatingPlugin::get($this->client);
return $ratingPlugin->rating->checkRating($entryId);

with like:
return $likePlugin->like->checkLikeExists($entryId, $userId);

and why rating is touch after like request? Shouldn’t they be different things?