Quizzes and API

Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to query for Quizzes using the API to determine how many quizzes have been created and their entryID. I don’t see a mediaType (media.list) specifically for quizzes. I can pull up the media list but how would I drill down just for quizzes? I can’t filter for “Quiz” in the title because what if the creator of the quiz doesn’t use Quiz in their title. I am using Python3 for development.

Thank you.

Hi @romeo,

The quiz CRUD operations are handled via the quiz service, for that, see:

So, to get a list of quizzes, which can be filtered based on some criteria [like entryId for instance], you should use quiz->list:

Quiz questions and answers are stored in cuePoint objects [KalturaQuestionCuePoint and KalturaAnswerCuePoint].

Please also see this repo https://github.com/kaltura/quiz-demo and in particular:

If you’re looking for details about all quiz entries using the Kaltura API, quiz, action: list will show the number of quizzes, but not many details about each entry. An alternative is to use service: media, action: list with KalturaMediaEntryFilter’s advancedSearch set to KalturaQuizAdvancedFilter: isQuiz = TRUE_VALUE. That gets media details only for quiz entries.

I realize this comment is on a 2.5 year old thread, but I was directed here from https://github.com/kaltura/Kaltura-Library-Export-Excel/issues/4 so I figured I’d circle back.