Quizzes - adding long questions, using exponents

I need to add a long quiz question. Currently the quiz feature only allows two lines of text, I need three to four lines of text. Also I need to be able to add exponents, within an equation.

How do I enable longer quiz questions?
How do I enable the use of exponents?

Suppose a spherical tank has a radius of 2 ft. The volume of a sphere is 4/3 πr3. One quart is 1 qt = 946 cm3 and 1 in = 2.54 cm To the nearest integer, what is the volume of the sphere in units of qt?

Thanks, WJF

Hi @wjfarrell

You brought up 2 items.

  1. Character limits - Kaltura are planning on raising the limit on the questions and answer very soon. since the quiz will be relocated to the new Kaltura editor, the plan is to do it there (due date is the next few months).
  2. adding exponent - this is an interesting request. i suggest opening a feature request with Kaltura. Your CSM can show you how to open a FR with Kaltura Customer care.

hope this information is useful to you.