Quiz Module on Working

I have installed this on our staging environment, and have gone to repeat the steps on our production environment, but the Quiz module is not working correctly.

I have followed the steps: To deploy the Interactive Video Quiz Blackboard Gradebook Integration
For Kaltura Admins:
1. In your KAF admin, go to the module “Ltigrading”.
2. Enable the module and then click Save.
For Blackboard Admins:
• In System Admin ->Tools, enable the Kaltura Video Quiz Tool.

However, the quiz option is not functioning as per https://knowledge.kaltura.com/kaltura-video-editing-tools-user-guide (you can only upload media or do recordings, but there is no quiz functionality available).

BTW - I logged a support ticket directly for this, and received the following reply:

Hello Fiona,

Kindly refer this matter to our forum experts at, https://forum.kaltura.org/.

Rony Dahan | Customer Care Engineer | Kaltura Inc.

Can anyone here assist?

I should mention we are using Blackboard learn as our LMS, and this is where the quiz option isn’t available (ref. https://knowledge.kaltura.com/interactive-video-quiz-blackboard-gradebook-integration-deployment-guide).