Question on how to add video to channel

Hi, I follow the workflows of uploading media files to upload a video but I am not sure how to set the video to a channel e.g. MediaSpace>site>channels>myChannelName.
Also, I don’t know how to add users to that channel. I am trying to use PHP to do these. Could anyone give me some suggestions? Hope that I have stated my questions clearly. Thanks.

Hello @chau_chow,

KMS channels are category objects. When you create a new entry (using media.add() or baseentry.add()), you can set the categories or categoriesIds members to the channel (category) name or ID respectively. You can associate an entry with multiple categories using ‘,’ as the separator.

Please take a look at the categoryEntry service and its actions here:

More information as to content entitlement and category/channel management can be found here:

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I try to create a new entry to the category in MediaSpace(MediaSpace>site>channels>channelName) using media.add() and I filled in the categoryId listed in KMC. But it will result in CATEGORY_NOT_FOUND: Category id not found. Also I use the category->list to list the categories, the category id is not there. Would that due to any privacy context so I can’t add the video to that category? How can I change it? Many thanks.