Push Kaltura video files to different Youtube accounts


we want to distribute Kaltura videos to different YouTube accounts.

As seen in

we have to configure one clientId and one clientSecret in google_auth.ini

But how to configure multiple clientIds and clientSecrets in Kaltura für different YouTube accounts? Is that possible? @jess Do you have any idea?


Hello Emily,

You do not need multiple client IDs in order to distribute to multiple YouTube accounts.
The client ID and secret are for the Google app and you only need to configure one such app.

Under Admin Console->Publishers->Your partner->Profiles->distribution profiles you may create as many profiles as you’d like. In the configuration view for each profile, under Authorize API Access, you will find a link . Navigate to the link and input your Kaltura credentials, then click on Proceed to Google for authorization and authenticate with Google using the desired account.

Hi @jess,
thank you for your reply. I tried it like you told me and it works. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear we’re good, @Emily.