Protect live stream or VOD only for some of Authorized KMC users

Dear Mr/Ms,
Pls could I protect live stream or VOD only for some of Authorized KMC users ?
Many thanks

Hi @anhdv1979,

If you want the viewing/playing of an entry to require a valid KS [Kaltura Session], you can create an access control profile by going to KMC->Settings->Access Control.
There, create a new profile and check “Secure viewing of this video with a server side secret (KS)” and then set that as the access control profile for a given entry by going to KMC->Content->entry drill down (click on the entry name)->Access Control and select the new profile from the selectbox.
If you want all entries to require a valid KS, you can edit the default access control profile to achieve that.

Note that this means you’ll need a valid KS to view/play the entry but it doesn’t necessarily have to be generated by KMC. KMC uses the API to achieve its goals and your own system can do the same and generate a KS as well.
Of course, this means you’ll also need to generate a KS for the user and set that in the entry embed code.

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Pls you help me be clear if I could restrict stream/vod for only some of users ?

Hello Jess,

Thank you for the explanation. Can you please advise how a KS is generated?

I dont really understand this. How do my users who want to view only the stream, login? Do they have to login to the KMC ? Where is the login page for them? Thank you

Hi @OCX,

KMC [Kaltura Management Console] is meant for content managers, as the name would imply:)

For end users, you need to build your own portal, using the Kaltura APIs.
A KS [Kaltura Session] can be generated by calling the session service with the start action but most Kaltura API clients also include an implementation that can be used without making an API request. You can learn about creating a KS using the API by following this interactive tutorial:

It also provides code samples for multiple languages Kaltura has API clients [SDKs] for. includes all the documentation and code samples you need in order to get started with the Kaltura APIs. Of course, if you have specific questions, you are more than welcome to post on the forum.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to build your own end user site using the Kaltura APIs, you can switch from Kaltura CE to one of the commercial solutions we offer; i.e: Kaltura OnPrem or Kaltura SaaS. Doing so will allow you purchase Kaltura MediaSpace [KMS] which is neither free nor open and is therefore not available for Kaltura CE users. showcases MediaSpace and will allow to get a general impression of its capabilities. MediaSpace also uses the API in order to accomplish its goals.
If you’re interested in exploring the commercial options above, please contact our sales team.


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Thank you for your informative reply jess.

It seems i can install wordpress too and have my users login to wordpress to view the videos, in this case i can push from kaltura into wordpress the videos through posts and have the posts access control through wordpress right?

I can then talk to wordpress apis and kaltura apis too to develop things futher?

Or do you prefer if i start learning the integrations directly with kaltura and ommiting the wordpress plugins??

Thank you for your guidance

Hi @OCX,

The WP plugin should generate a KS with sview privileges [see] and set that KS in the embed code.
Therefore, provided you set up an access control profile that requires a valid KS in order to view/play the entry, it should work. i,e: embed codes generated by the WP plugin would allow viewing/playback and an attempt to view/play the entry when no valid KS is passed would fail.

Of course, you should test that to ensure it is set up correctly.

That’s entirely up to you, of course:) If you wish to use the WP plugin, you’re welcome to do so.
As you can see here, it’s FOSS, licensed under GPLv2.