Protect live stream or VOD only for some of Authorized KMC users


Dear Mr/Ms,
Pls could I protect live stream or VOD only for some of Authorized KMC users ?
Many thanks

How to restrict entries among members

Hi @anhdv1979,

If you want the viewing/playing of an entry to require a valid KS [Kaltura Session], you can create an access control profile by going to KMC->Settings->Access Control.
There, create a new profile and check “Secure viewing of this video with a server side secret (KS)” and then set that as the access control profile for a given entry by going to KMC->Content->entry drill down (click on the entry name)->Access Control and select the new profile from the selectbox.
If you want all entries to require a valid KS, you can edit the default access control profile to achieve that.

Note that this means you’ll need a valid KS to view/play the entry but it doesn’t necessarily have to be generated by KMC. KMC uses the API to achieve its goals and your own system can do the same and generate a KS as well.
Of course, this means you’ll also need to generate a KS for the user and set that in the entry embed code.


Pls you help me be clear if I could restrict stream/vod for only some of users ?