Problem with responsive playlist player on iOS

I have an horizontal responsive playlist player.
It seems to be working fine on most platforms, only iOS push the thumb image down.
It has to do (probably) with the fixed size of the header & item menu, but don’t find a good solution.

Library version 2.39

Any ideas?


Hi @oferc1,
Well, you’ve encountered one of the most annoying bugs in iOS8 and up - iFrame height set to 100% is not respected when inside a DIV with a specific height. The iFrame height should get the wrapper DIV height but it doesn’t. If you inspect your page under iPAD - you will see that the entire player iFrame height is much bigger than its surrounding DIV and this is why the thumbnail looks like its pushed down and you don’t see the player control bar.
There is no simple solution for that (at least that I know of).
Some options can be found in this blog post:
If you find a working solution - please share.