Problem with Drupal Plugin Connection to Kaltura CE 11.2

We just upgraded to CE 11.2 and have established the connection between Drupal and Kaltura. The connection seems to be made properly as all of the Drupal to Kaltura session test is green and the other test are also green.

The first problem we discovered is our players were not visable in the Kaltura field in Drupal. None of the custom players are visible -

Here is a screenshot of the players visable in Kaltura -

The second problem we discovered is we don’t see any of the media we loaded from Drupal to Kaltura in the KMC. Everything seems to load properly but I can’t see it in the KMC.

We did notice the partner Id in the Drupal Kaltura Module Setting is 102 and it is 101 in Kaltura. We tried to change this to be 101 in Drupal but the Drupal to Kaltura session test failed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve,

You need to make sure the partner ID and secrets are correct on the Drupal end.
By default, a new partner is created when going to the module’s admin, as instructed in the README.
You can instead select ‘Existing’ in the relevant admin form, in which case, you will need to supply the partner credentials, i.e: partner ID, email and passwd.

Then, you should be able to see the relevant players, entries and metadata from Drupal.

Jess, thank you so much. We will reset the partner id again and select existing. Thanks again for your help.

Sure, Steve. Most welcome.