Preview, Embed, and Players


I successfully installed Community Edition 9.13.0 using the RPM guide.
9.13.0 is install on a CentOS 6.5 os.

There were a few quirks but nothing I couldn’t get around. I uploaded several videos which successfully converted into several ‘flavors’:

Source (Codec: avc1)
WebM (Codec: v_vp8)
Mobile (3GP) (Codec: mpeg-4 visual)

When I go to Preview & Embed, the default player is KDP3 Dark Skin, and the delivery type is set to HTTP Progressive Download. I click play and everything so far seems to work.

However when I choose a different delivery type (example: RTMP Streaming) it gives me an error stating:

Sorry, clip not found (Media Not Found).

Can someone tell me what I’m missing, or not doing?