Possible Memory leak?

I have the latest community version installed and running. BUT I am concerned about a possible memory leak. I rebooted the computer. After a couple hours it was at 4GB ram usage. about 25%. I didn’t think anything of it, but now 8 hours later it’s at 50% memory usage and the server isn’t doing anything. No video is being vended, no files uploaded or converting. I have about 250GB of videos on the server.

What could be causing this memory usage?

Hello @sales_3,

The Kaltura platform comprises of several components, including third party FOSS ones. In addition, your machine may be running other processes that do not pertain to Kaltura so I’m afraid that’s not enough information to go on.

You should start by checking the mem utilisation per process. There are many tools you can use for that, to name just a few:

  • free
  • vmstat
  • top
  • htop

Once you’ve found the offending process, we can delve deeper and check whether there’s indeed a leak.