Player loads video too lated

Hi all,

I am using kdp 3.6.11 version in my kaltura CE6. Everything going good so far. Player works well to play the videos of few minutes like 2 or 3 minute videos. If I play the long time videos, it took too much time to play the video and initial time buffer is too long.

Is that any problem with player? what would be the useful solution to rectify this? or kaltura is useful for only short videos

Exactly @Kalturian -

  1. The example link was, I already shared with you in your inbox.
  2. Not sure about the devices, as html5 has not been resolved. It says some type errors mw is not defined and kwidget is not defined.
  3. I am using rtmp streaming using wowza server.
  4. Also I have CDN to streaming some videos to load faster.

Is it possible to play specific flavorId of the video entry (AssedId in the flavors tab), using kaltura player?

Even desktop has took too much time to load the videos.I am not sure why it has been.

We are delivering our project to mobile too, using rtmp streaming. So what will happen? Is that possible to show the videos or nothing can be played in mobile, if we go with rtmp?