Player kaltura - Problem with UI variable "disableHLSOnJs = false"

I just want to use the kaltura player using HTML5, because I do not want to use Flash. To do this I use the variable disableHLSOnJs equal to false. Also, since I want to connect with HLS I have defined the streamerType equal to applehttp but ignores it and forms the url as … /format/url/ … instead of … /format/applehttp/… and search for a delivery that has the streamerType set equal to http (will perform a progressive download according to the web page
And what I want is available playback format (applehttp --> HLS - Apple HTTP Live Streaming).

I also see the console message:

onmozfullscreenerror is obsolete.
The HTTP “Content-Type” of “application /” is not supported. The media resource load has failed ? referrer = aHR0cHM6Ly92aWRlb3MuY2FuYWwtZHNhLmd2YS5lcw mp4 == & ks = YzQxMmFmZWI0MDk1NjVlZDQ3MjY5OWUxODhiMjFmNjNkZDU1NjYzZHwxMzY7MTM2OzE1NTEyNjgxNTM7MjsxNTUxMTgxNzUzLjE3MDU7Y2FuYWxndmFAZ3ZhLmVzOyosZGlzYWJsZWVudGl0bGVtZW50Ozs & playSessionId = b06e0d3d-64ed-ec21-2b7c-c22d9c4ae38c & clientTag = html5: v2.73.2 & uiConfId = 23449251.
The medium can not be reproduced. There are no decoders for the requested formats: application /



On your publisher’s configuration create an applehttp delivery profile and enable it. It should look like this:

name: MY_HLS
Streamer type: APPLE_HTTP
media protocols: http, https
url: should pull from kaltura-nginx port 88, wherever it is.
If done properly you don’t have to fiddle with your player. It will play on all platforms.

Short answer but it might help,


The problem is that I’m using Wowza as a streaming server.

My Delivery Profile is:
Streamer type: HTTP
Note: I use HTTP because if I use disableHLSOnJs = false, it only looks for a delivery that is equal to HTTP

I don’t remember right now but the same principle applies.

Create a delivery profile that points to Wowza (applehttp or hls) and tail -f the wowza access logs.

You will be able to adjust the URL/path accordingly and it should work same way.

On the partner configuration window add the VOD delivery profile you have just created earlier.

The point is to tell Kaltura which way it should deliver its content. It’s not just a player’s problem.

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I managed to get Wowza to work for HLS only with the Edge browser and mobile iPhone.

With the browsers Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer does not work for me. There is a single connection of kaltura with Wowza via HLS to download the playlist.m3u8 but it does not get to perform the play to download the .ts files

It is not working because playlists (list of bitrates + captions) are being request from Wowza, which it should not be, because Kaltura generates the playlist. We want to request the chunklists (list of .ts files) from Wowza. The reason the native players (Edge, Safari) work is because they must support nested playlists. The Media Source Extension players used by the other players do not. The flavor urls generated by Kaltura need to be changed to deliver chunklists. See image below.

Kaltura%20Wowza%20HLS%20Working This delivery profile config works with Wowza. I know because I run it in production.

I have installed KalturaCE 14.10 and default Kaltura search for the VOD a delivery profile with streamer type equal to HTTP not APPLE_HTTP:

[DeliveryProfilePeer::selectDeliveryByDeliveryAttributes] ERR: exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Delivery ID can’t be determined for partnerId [136] streamer type [http] and media protocol [https]’ in /srv_apl/kaltura/app/infra/log/KalturaLog.php:88

I don´t work your configuration in my case.

How can you make me look for the delivery profile with streamer type equal to APPLE_HTTP?

Also wowza is installed on another server than kaltura and does not understand the request if I ask it by adding in pattern {url}

I have found my problem. The problem I had was because of the transcodig profiles (flavor param) that we had created that made the URL that kaltura generated as a progressive download instead of default by applehttp. Using the default profiles created by kaltura has worked perfectly for me or I can add tag “iphonenew,ipadnew” in my flavor param

Wowza doesn’t need to recognize {url} that is a token that Kaltura replaces when it builds the HLS playlist which results in something like


one for each flavor.