Player Error Handling not working

I’m working with the Kaltura Web Player and having trouble getting Error event listeners to work. Following this API:

          const { Error } = window.KalturaPlayer.core
          const myError = new Error(Error.Severity.CRITICAL, Error.Category.NETWORK, Error.Code.HTTP_ERROR, {url: ''});
          const handler = (e) => {
            console.log('handler', e)
            kalturaPlayer.current.dispatchEvent(new window.KalturaPlayer.core.FakeEvent(kalturaPlayer.current.Event.Error, myError));

          kalturaPlayer.current.addEventListener(kalturaPlayer.current.Event.ERROR, event => {            
            console.log('error', event);
            // Do something with the payload

I’m using React, so kalturaPlayer.current points to the player proxy. The API is working as described in the docs for other event listeners, but not for Errors. I get Errors logging in my console, but I am unable to trigger a callback function.