Player customisation is not same as blog

Hi All
I want to add a custom icon in kaltura and wish to perform an event, but I am not getting the options.
I am following the link KMC_User_Manual custom Button.
Do anyone has any idea?


Please explain exactly what you wish to achieve… [quote=“vipul_pandey, post:1, topic:6219”]
add a custom icon in kaltura
You mean a watermark in the player or…?

What sort of an event?


HI Jess
I wish to perform add a custom icon in control bar and when user click on that I wish to perform an action here is sample demo of that.

use this embed code.

If you test the above code then you can see a hand icon on last of player and when we click on icon a from appear. That is with AKAMAI and JWplayer, since we are migrating to kaltura so trying to achieve the same functionality. Hope its clear now. thanks

Something like that?
(look for Customizing The Player Logo)