Player Analytics Audience


I´m trying to record if an user watched entire video or 75%.
With this, i can remove of their list of videos to watch.
I think we can get the time of play, pause and duration of video. But how I can get this?



If you go to KMC->Analytics, you will see we do record the content drop off. This can also be received by making an API request. Which is in fact what KMC does as well.

However, in order to identify which users dropped off and when, they need to be viewing the content while logged in to Kaltura, i.e, while having a valid Kaltura Session [KS]. For example, if they user viewed the entry via KMS [Kaltura MediaSpace] this would be the case, but if the user viewed it on some site without being authenticated, you’ll have no way of knowing which user did what.