Playback problems on Android devices(Android 4.2.2 and 4.3)

We’re having visitors call in with problems playing back video on their Android devices.

Using: Kaltura HTML5 Library v2.19.5

Ex 1) Visitor is unable to resume playback. He/She wants to share a specific portion of a video with friends, in person. He/She pauses video to resume playback at a later time. The display may turn off, but the device stays on & the webpage stays open. Upon attempt to resume playback, the video restarts itself. Vistor claims to have tried several times, and any attempt to pause and resume playback results in the video starting over.

  • Device info: Samsung Galaxy Tab(7" Display, Android 4.2.2)
  • I’ve tried to replicate the problem using Google Chrome’s integrated developer’s tools, but have been unable to replicate the issue. I also tried on a 10" Android 4.2.2 Device, and a Samsung Galaxy S4 running 4.4.4.

Ex 2) Visitor is having trouble streaming videos from her Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star(Android 4.3)
Previously was able to stream video, and states that upon adding an email account, visitor was unable to stream anything at all after that.
I may recommend clearing browser cache and data, any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to walk the line between balancing confidentiality while solving the problem so if any additional information is needed, let me know and I’ll see what I can provide.

Open to any and all suggestions.

Hello, I can see that your CDN is from the Saas version of Kaltura,
you can open a ticket at

I suggest you to test different delivery methods
to see which is acting weird,

did you tried http progressive or streaming HDS?