Play video in iframe

I would like to use Kaltura API to get a list of my play list and if user choose one, he/she can play it. I already created both API calls and they are working just file. I use${ksToken}${entryIdAndVersion} to get a certain video. The response I receive from server contains dataUrl and a lot of other data which I do not use right now. My question is, what should I pass to iframe (in react application) in order to play the video. I already tried dataUrl and other data without any success. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello @mosen11,

If I understand you correctly, you want to play a Kaltura entry in an external player (to wit: a player other than Kaltura’s).
If so, see:

We support both HLS and DASH so, any player capable of handing these formats will work.

If you just want to embed the Kaltura player in an iframe, that’s supported out of the box, simply go to KMC->Entry->Preview and Embed and copy the iframe embed code.