Play the most current second in a Live Event with SDK


How can we force the player in the SDK in a live event to start from the most current second?

When I play a Live event in Android or iOS in an App with Player SDK the player begins always 2 minutes before the current second.

The most curious is that the Live entry doesn’t have DVR activated and the Kaltura web player plays well, from the most current second.



More information…,

the behavior that I receive from Kaltura SDK player when I load the live event is the same that I have if I load the live entry with a 3rd player: the live begins 2 minutes before the current live second:


With this 3rd player we can disable the “Preload video” feature and the live loads fine (like the Kaltura web player) but I don’t know why in the Kaltura SDK Player we are not able to load currently the live entry.



Hi Luis,

By default the Player SDK will start from the live edge in case of live media
make sure that the MeidaEntry has mediaType which is Live.

in case the meidaType is defined as DVR the default is also start from Live edge.

in case the mediaType is DVRLive and you gave start position it will start from the position you gave do you give start position as 0?

please share partner and mediaid to in case this information is not enough and I will try yo help.


what player sdk version you currently use?