Plans for a new HTML/JS KMC Backend?

The Universal Player Studio is an Angular.js app, the rest of KMC is Flex/Flash. Are there any plans to migrate the entire KMC to HTML or JS?

@jens1 - KMC is a Content Administrator tool, it is designed to be used on a desktop browser by content administrators who currently all have Flash installed and enabled.

As a development policy which started years ago, we have stopped extending the Flash based aspects of KMC (excluding bug-fixes or critical updates), and instead any new features introduced are being developed using HTML/JS/CSS (btw, the overall wrapper of KMC including the top tabs was designed in HTML out of that thought).
We will gradually add more and more HTML/JS/CSS based views to KMC, and phase away the Flash parts.

However, as long as Flash is still widely available and supported, there is no time-stressed plan to strictly replace all Flash based views from KMC. As Flash being phased out of the world, this may change, but at the moment we rather invest resources on more critical tools such as our Mobile SDKs, and end-user facing apps which are intended for Mobile use.

We would of course welcome any contributions/pull-requests to migrate KMC views, and help guide your way should you be interested in taking on that project as a community member.


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Thanks for your answer, I fully agree, there’s more important areas than replacing flash based KMC views. Managing video isn’t anything you do on your iPhone.
I was just curious.