Permissions oddity - Install of 15.14 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7

Hey all,

I have a few systems administrators working on a migration to OEL 7 from OEL 6. We found an oddity that I can’t really explain. The permissions to /opt/kaltura/app/configurations are different in OEL 7 and 6.

For example, in our OEL 6 installation, the permission to /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/kLocalMemCacheConf.ini is
In OEL 7, the same file has these permissions

As you can imagine this is leading to things not really working quite right :slight_smile:

I searched to see if permissions to that directory are set there, but I didn’t see anything right away. As a result, I’m not really sure why this difference exists. Is it an OEL 6 vs 7 thing?

If anyone has any insight to this, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m afraid if I don’t understand the reason then we will keep running into this on the build of this cluster.

Thanks --dave

Hi @david.hahn1,

Is it possible you’ve set the default umask differently on the new ENV?

Hi Jess,

You were right. The umasks of these systems were different, which explains the oddity. We were able to fix it. Thanks!