Own Domain Name Deployment in Later Stage

Hi Jess,
We had a kick off call with Kaltura Team and we are in the inital stage of deployment.

As you may aware that Domain name is the First stage of configuring from both Kaltura and our end.

We would like to use our own Domain name (creating CNAME Records). However, domain name is currently in use for staff and students.

My Question is whether can we proceed with MediaSpace SaaS instance ie partnerid.mediaspace.Kaltura.com
in production for now and switch to our own domain name (CNAME Records) later in stage?

Is there any technical issue involved in changing the domain name later for Production ?

Can you advise me the process?


Hello @Albi_Fed,

You can add aliases pointing to your own domain at any point in time. You just need to create the CNAME record in your DNS as you already mentioned and contact your Kaltura account manager or our support team for the setup to be done.
If you wish to use SSL, which I would recommend, you’ll also need to supply us with the certificate, key and CA so we can configure it on our SaaS machines.

Thanks Jess for your speedy reply.

You are right, We are planning to have Media Saas Instance configured to use HTTPS (Using SSL…)

Last question:
Is there any impact in deploying SSO integration, If we configure temporary Default Domain Name (partnerid.mediaspace.Kaltura.com) using HTTPS providing SSL certificate; Private key etc for now and later pointing to alias of our own domain name ?

Hi @Albi_Fed,

So long as you allow access from our SaaS to your SSO server, I can’t see an issue with it.
That said, best to discuss the details with the Kaltura account manager and solution architect working on the project with you.

Will do. Thanks Jess