Out of the box, Drupal 7 Kaltura module and webcam support offered but not working: How to troubleshoot?

Hi - Thanks for the really nifty offering! I’m excited to try it out, especially the webcam support in Drupal 7 integration.

I’ve got everything lined up, and I have linked up my Kaltura Partner Account. However, instead of showing a webcam (selected Webcam Widget), permission to use Flash, or permission to expose Camera, my Kaltura is only showing an Upload field as an option. Are there more pieces I’m not aware of? How do I go about troubleshooting what the issue might be?

There is one file notice, crossdomain.xml, that is giving grief in admin settings. I’m testing on pantheon and am not sure what to do about this file yet.

I’m on Chrome 58 on Mac 10.11.6.

Any ideas how to continue?


Hi @texas-bronius,

In pantheon you need to copy the crossdomain.xml file to the root of the drupal instance, which if I recall correctly, is the code directory under /.


Thanks @Nuno for the speedy reply!

Ok, on your suggestion, move (I didn’t copy bc only sftp access) crossdomain.xml out of the Kaltura module folder into site root, and the Kaltura admin UI now reports three green checks (including the crossdomain is properly located).

I still have the Webcam Widget select for my field, and I’ve cleared site and local cache, and still no webcam UI, only Upload File form. I don’t see any console errors nor any special network request. How can I go about troubleshooting this?

Note: crossdomain.xml is as module provided it including:

Do these values maybe need to change on Pantheon? Pantheon with http auth password?.. I’m lost :slight_smile: but want to believe!


Good morning! Have you got any additional troubleshooting tips? I don’t think it’s a browser support issue, bc I am able to use the uploader on Kaltura’s demo site (http://drupal7.kaltura.com/node/add/kaltura-field).

Hi - Still trying to crack this.

When I look at the field settings for this field, I have confirmed that Webcam Widget is selected, and the only related settings field (Custom uploader widget ui_conf) is empty. Should there maybe be a value here?

Also, not only do I not see a form, but I am not prompted anything about swf/flash in the browser (whereas in Chrome I think I should be?), and I never see a request for crossdomain.xml in the Network tab in Chrome.

Please help?

Well I still did not figure it out. For anyone else looking for a similar solution, on first blush I found a competing service, Camera Tag, to be a really really simple, elegant, well-thought out solution supporting Drupal 7 with a working webcam, upload, and phone record field out of the box. Check it out and see if it works for you.