/opt/kaltura/web/content/entry/data/*/* structure question

Hey all,

In preparing to migrate from one installation to another, I’m examining moving the content from \opt\kaltura\web\content to the new installation.

I’ve noticed in the new Kaltura installation, we have a directory structure that looks like this


In my existing Kaltura CE 5 installation, we have something that looks like this:


I could begin copying the content, preserving the paths and permissions but I want to know if the new system will eventually take issue with there being a …/entry/data/4 directory that exists from migration? Will there be path collisions at some point or will the system handle this?

I really don’t know how the storage part of the code works, but experience tells me I should ask :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Please see my reply on this thread: Migration considerations
Copying the files onto a different root path will do you no good. These paths are included in records in the file_sync table and they have to match the actual files on the FS.

Thanks Jess. I appreciate it!