On-Prem delivered with KAF or not?

Hi forum

I struggle to get the point correctly. Especially I’m not sure whether the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) is delivered with the On-Prem edition. Document Understanding the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) suggest no, since it states
Kaltura Edition:
Kaltura SaaS
Kaltura Cloud Edition

but does this make any sense?

To me it seems correct integral Moodle integration only works with an available Kaltura Application Framework (KAF), am I right?



Hello @lucaboesch,

Yes, you are correct, the Moodle integration does require the use of KAF.
KAF is available for OnPrem but is not available for CE [Community Edition] users since KAF is neither free nor open software.
For more info about OnPrem and KAF, please contact our sales team.