Old Kaltura to new Kaltura migration


We have to different Kaltura setups. One with Kaltura 10.x and the other one with Kaltura 12.x.

I need to migrate one client’s content from the former to the latter because they are hosted on different infrastructures and our aim is to consolidate all our clients in one up to date cluster.

Is there a way to rsync the content dir (/opt/kaltura/web/content/entry and import the user database into the newest setup ?. What tables are needed taking into account that I only need the entries and ids and can sacrifice the stats ?

Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade the oldest setup because it’s a production environment that has been very unstable.

Any ideas will be appreciated,

David Eusse

Hi David,

To export all the relevant DBs you can use /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-export-db.sh, the DBs are:
| kaltura |
| kaltura_sphinx_log |
| kalturadw |
| kalturadw_bisources |
| kalturadw_ds |
| kalturalog |

‘kaltura’ is the operational DB, kaltura_sphinx_log’s data does not actually need to be imported into the new ENV but of course, the schema must exist.
The rest are databases that relate to analytics.

/opt/kaltura/web/content must also be copied onto the new ENV and it is critical to preserve the permissions.

Now, since a lot of schema changes were made between 10.n.n and 12.9.0, the easiest way to get this done would probably be:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

Thank you Jess,

I think I’ll try an intermediate setup because my newest ENV is already in production. I’ll try and let you know.