Novice Ways to Use XML Bulk Upload

Hi, I’m trying to realise the benefits of XML bulk upload (saving time through setting permissions etc).

However, I’m novice, and struggling to generate the XML. I’ve tried XML mapping in Excel and Access, but the XML is coming out totally different from original Scheme.

Could anyone share any experiences, easy tools, guides, processes, etc? Would like to solve my issue and also learn more in general.

I want to:

  • Create video entry metadata in bulk (ideally in Excel, since everyone in organisation has this)
  • Export to Kaltura XML scheme

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Robin_Dud,

There are several ways by which you can ingest/update multiple assets in an automatic [or semi automatic] manner.
You can use the bulk upload mechanism, the dropfolder mechanism, or utilise the upload APIs directly in your own code.

As I believe you already know (based on what you’ve written), the bulk upload mechanism allows you to submit an XML or a CSV with URLs pointing to the media assets to be ingested, as well as specify the metadata to be associated with said assets (entry name, categories, tags, etc).

The XML bulk mechanism supports certain metadata fields its CSV counterpart does not. However, the CSV is easier [for a human] to edit and MS Excel can certainly be used for that purpose. As ease of edit is an important consideration in your case, I suggest you check whether it answers your needs before researching the XML mechanism further.
Sample CSV/XML files can be obtained from KMC->Upload->Download CSV/XML Samples.

Should you find that you need to set fields that only the XML format supports, please post your XML here and I’ll gladly assist you further.