Not working after a while, because of 1<>1 on SELECTs?

I’ve installed Kaltura CE on an ubuntu system, everything was working fine, KMC, Admin Console… I wrote a simple live playout system in php which used kaltura content through API as well.

After a while i don’t know what happened, something broke. I can login to KMC and Admin console, i’m getting no errors at all, but users are gone, categories are gone, and content is gone as well.

I’ve checked the kaltura DB, and categories, users, and content entries are there. But they are not being shown on KMC.

I’ve traced kaltura API log, and saw SQL statements has AND 1<>1 at the end of WHERE clauses, which of course would cause all those to return blank results.

Can anyone identify the problem from this?


My first guess would be your Sphinx is down…
What’s the output for:
# /etc/init.d/kaltura-sphinx status?
if down, need to start it and if it crushes again, need to understand why, if it is up, does:
# telnet $SPHINX_HOST_HERE 9312

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Hi Jess,

thanks a lot for your help

Sphinx seems to be up, status says ‘running’. Listening the port (telnet opens connection and greets with D 2.2.1-id64-dev (r409).)

I did a restart in any case, and here’s the output of the /etc/init.d/kaltura-sphinx restart

Do you think the warnings matter?

$Starting searchd: Sphinx 2.2.1-id64-dev (r4097)
Copyright © 2001-2013, Andrew Aksyonoff
Copyright © 2008-2013, Sphinx Technologies Inc (

using config file ‘/opt/kaltura/app/configurations/sphinx/kaltura.conf’…
listening on all interfaces, port=9312
WARNING: index ‘kaltura_base’: no fields configured (use rt_field directive) - NOT SERVING
WARNING: index ‘kaltura_kuser_base’: no fields configured (use rt_field directive) - NOT SERVING
precaching index 'kaltura_entry’
precaching index 'kaltura_category’
precaching index 'kaltura_kuser’
precaching index 'kaltura_category_kuser’
precaching index 'kaltura_cue_point’
precaching index 'kaltura_entry_distribution’
precaching index 'kaltura_caption_item’
precaching index 'kaltura_tag’
precaching index 'kaltura_metadata’
precached 9 indexes in 0.055 sec

Hi @ozgur,

These warnings can be ignored.
# . /etc/profile.d/
and then run:
# kaltlog
in parallel to making the HTTP requests to see what errors are logged. Then, go to the actual log file, would usually be either /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log or /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_apache*errors.log and look at the lines leading to the actual error. Also, open your browser’s devtools and look at the “Console” and “Network” tabs for errors and bad HTTP requests.

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Hi @jess,

Did the kaltlog and logged into KMC, loaded content tab, categories sub tab, and administration tab. No errors on kaltlog or kaltura apache error log, or access log file.
Browser developler tools, network does not contain any errors, console has a lot of css warnings, which i’m not sure is related.

Found out something coincidentally. I added a new publisher, and added my account (system admin account) to this publisher as well. Then clicked switch accounts to switch to the new publisher. Now default categories are visible for that publisher. Can you make anything of this?


Is the original partner the template one? if so, you’re not suppose to actively work on it. That one is only meant for defining data you want other partners to inherit. For instance, sample content.

If we are NOT talking about the template partner, start by going to MySQL and make sure that the data is there, for example:
mysql> select * from category where partner_id=102;

would return categories that belong to partner ID 102.
If the data exists there, try to reindex Sphinx using:
# /opt/kaltura/bin/

if it does not, then something happened to the DB and I’m afraid there’s not much I can do other than recommend you import from a backup.

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The original partner, i think is not the template one. Template one has the ID=99, and i can see it on the admin list with our initial publisher account, which seems to be 102.

selecting categories with partner id showed the old categories i’ve created during my project, thats why i was surprised not seeing them in KMC.

I ran, as you said, and everything (categories, content, and the other invisible accounts) came back to life in KMC.

Many thanks

@jess , i was wondering if there a way to message you directly on another matter, i couldn’t find a direct messaging interface here on this forum?